Our Services


We offer a range of services from behaviour consultations to personalised companion animal training as well as puppy classes and education workshops.

BEHAVIOUR CONSULTATION (2 hours minimum) – this is an in-home consultation where Dr Lisa will perform a thorough behaviour assessment to determine ‘what’ your individual situation is and ‘why’ this is happening.  You will receive a personalised treatment and management plan for your companion animal – a summary report may also be provided to your regular veterinarian.  We offer clients ongoing support via email or phone for 4 weeks after the initial consultation.  NB: 6-8 weeks post consultation, a revisit is recommended to review the treatment and management plan as well as your overall progress.

REVISIT – this is an in-home revisit consultation where Dr Lisa will perform a thorough behaviour reassessment as well as a review of the initial treatment and management plan, and any modifications that may be needed.  We offer clients ongoing support as outlined above and a summary report may also be provided to your regular veterinarian.

In the event that medication is prescribed, your companion animal will require ongoing reassessment on a regular basis.  We strongly recommend that follow up blood tests are performed at least every 9 to 12 months, especially where long term medication is indicated.  A script for medication can be provided and is included in the initial consultation fee, however, there will be an additional fee for the medication itself which may also need to be sourced from a compounding pharmacist, depending on your situation.

SHORT BEHAVIOUR consultation – depending on the initial information provided by you on the ‘Book a Consult’ page, we may recommend an in-home 60-90 minute short consultation based on your specific situation.

COMPANION ANIMAL TRAINING – we offer in-home 90 minute sessions that are tailored to your companion animal’s specific needs and priorities, whilst reconciling these with your personal goals.  You can also purchase our in-home CALM APPROACH puppy/adult dog program which comprises three (3) x 50-60 minute WEEKLY practical sessions as well as homework lessons in written and video format.  This is similar to our group training sessions – the only difference is that it’s in-your-home.  This is a better option for puppies and dogs that don’t yet feel comfortable in a group training setting or are not yet able to attend group training classes.

PUPPY & ADULT DOG TRAINING – our CALM APPROACH programs comprise small classes (maximum of 4 puppies, or 4 dogs) to help optimize the learning and training experience for our canine students.

VCABS FREE EDUCATION RESOURCES – scroll down to the YouTube video icon below and join Dr Lisa and Marco at our channel, THE TRUE-HEARTED TRAINER.  Dr Lisa provides weekly videos on topics related to: dog behaviour; dog training using POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT; and discussion on topics designed to RAISE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.