About Us

Dr Lisa Ackerman BVSc (Hons) MVS (Small Animal Practice) CERT-IV CAS – Delta accredited

Lisa graduated from the University of Queensland in 2004 and since that time she has developed a range of experience in small animal practice, emergency medicine and critical care, as well as within the Government’s Veterinary Services and Animal Welfare sectors associated with drug regulation in the thoroughbred racing industry.

Lisa completed her postgraduate Master’s Degree in Veterinary Studies with Murdoch University from 2012 to 2015, and during 2015, Lisa completed further postgraduate study in Behaviour Medicine with Sydney University under the tutorage of Registered Veterinary Specialist in Animal Behaviour, Dr Kersti Seksel.

In 2018, Lisa completed the Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services (Professional Dog Training) and is Delta accredited.  Lisa is also the Queensland Regional Representative for the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Australia.

With the combination of Lisa’s strong interest in Veterinary Behaviour, further knowledge within this field and ongoing experience in behaviour training, VCABS provides clients with a service that is comprehensive and all-inclusive.